Re: tarting orca

Hi Cody:

This looks like it might be related to a GTK+ crasher:

The main culprit that makes it happen seems to be the run dialog.  If
you can avoid doing that until the crasher is fixed by the gtk folks,
then things might go better for you.

Hope this helps,


On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 20:38 -0700, C-DOG wrote:
actually I can get through the setup, if I type orca in the terminal
then it will say welcome to orca. this does not happen in the run
dialogue in the gui of gnome it just crashes the pannel.cody
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        Hello Cody,  
           I have opened a terminal and typed
                I get a prompt asking me which voice I want. I can't
                quite understand the 2 options, so I select one, then
                i am asked for speak echo charactors, I say Y for yes,
                after this I get no speech, what is going wrong? I
                have managed to get this far. I still can't get out of
                a terminal window, is there another type of setup I
                need to do?
                After you finish orca-setup you will not have speech
                until you type orca.  What happens if you type orca in
                the terminal prompt?
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