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actually I can get through the setup, if I type orca in the terminal then it will say welcome to orca. this does not happen in the run dialogue in the gui of gnome it just crashes the pannel.cody
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Sent: Monday, April 03, 2006 1:44 PM
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Hello Cody,  
   I have opened a terminal and typed
I get a prompt asking me which voice I want. I can't quite understand the 2 options, so I select one, then i am asked for speak echo charactors, I say Y for yes, after this I get no speech, what is going wrong? I have managed to get this far. I still can't get out of a terminal window, is there another type of setup I need to do?
After you finish orca-setup you will not have speech until you type orca.  What happens if you type orca in the terminal prompt?

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