Re: [orca-devel] A Couple of Ideas

Hi Storm:

Thanks for chiming in!

I think that after the first initial setup, if Braille isn't selected as a method of output, it shouldn't even be included when Orca starts. The same would go for magnification.

Agreed. It goes a bit beyond just importing the modules, though. What we also also in the current code is that the output for braille and speech are also computed each time Orca wants to present something. The move to presentation "channels" (if we do them) would be one effective way to avoid the extra work: don't load/use channels the user doesn't want.

My next idea is a plugins directory for Orca. This directory would replace the current file. This would also be in addition to the current orca-scripts directory. So, orca scripts could be written as plugins for orca.

Eitan's proposal in provides us with a way for scripts to be somewhat automatically detected and used. With this, at least scripts could be automatically detected and used if you plopped them in the right spot. From there, plugins are something that could similarly be detected and loaded by scripts, though the issues surrounding that need to be worked out.
 > Python interacts rather nicely with C++.  Could some of the code that
doesn't change much be changed over to c++? Because it is a compiled language, it would in theory run faster than Python code.

I believe the main issues with performance are related to: 1) repeating the same work unnecessarily, and 2) communication between Orca and the application. As such, I don't think the performance issues we see will be resolved by C++. Plus, the complexity C++ will add will probably make the code less maintainable and buggier. :-(



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