The problem still persists

Mensaje citado por: Frank Rehberger <>:
> Well, it should work now as the server offers TCP endpoint host=carranc
> at port=32785.
> Looks like network problem! Can you reach server-host from client-host?
> Can you resolve domain name?
> bash$ nslookup carranc
> Can you ping server-host:
> bash$ ping carranc
> The problem might be caused by  firewall? Can you contact to endpoint 
> using telnet?
> bash$ telnet carranc 32785
> Cheers, Frank
Hello, Frank, thanks for helping me.
I can ping carranc, i can "telneting" carranc and i can resolve carranc by means
of nslookup. I still don't know where's the problem. Someone suggested that the
problem was the uid of the processes, but in both cases I execute them as root.
Any ideas??
Thanks by advance.

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