Re: linc & ORBit2 ABI / API stable releases ....

Hi Bill,

On Fri, 2002-05-17 at 13:37, Bill Haneman wrote:
> ORB.  I would feel more at ease if we waited at least until I can get
> advice (from Michael and/or Mark).  Unfortunately we don't have bugs
> filed yet since it would seem prudent to have clearer test cases.


> However, using at-poke (without disabling sanity checks) with
> java-access-bridge, the returned objects fail CORBA_Object_is_a () when
> queried for their base type.  Probably a java-access-bridge bug, but we
> don't know yet.

	Ok, to help debug it'd be interesting to know what the type_id that is
marshalled by the Java ORB is, and whether it's precise or sloppy [
something I'm vague about in the spec, we assume it'll be precicely the
interface it is, and not some sub-type ].

	Secondly, it'd be most interesting to do:

	export ORBIT2_DEBUG=traces

	and post the output, which will probably help us a lot. Either way, I'm
happy to go 2.4 without perfect interoperability, since the 2.4 bit is
mostly a feature-complete, ABI and API stable milestone, rather than a
"has no bugs" thing which is unlikely to happen :-)



--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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