Re: How I install Orbit in HP-UX

Hi Hicham Lassehab

On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 04:40, LASSEHAB,HICHAM (Non-HP-France,ex2) wrote:
> I will begin to develop with Corba ( under Unix HP-UX ), can you help me
> about :
>  Which version of Orbit I should choose ?

	I would use ORBit2

>  How can I install it ?

	You need to grab glib, linc and ORBit2 source packages from in the 'pre-gnome2' section.

>  There are a doc explain How to install Corba ( ORB ) ?

	configure; make; make install mostly :-)

	Then again - you could use the existing Gnome 1.4 stuff - which I
understand is available for HP, but then you would have a somewhat older
and more cumbersome ORB. I'd recommend using ORBit 2.4 if you can.



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