Re: possible bug in ORBit2

Hi Diego,

> what i'm trying to say is that the NameServer is returning
> CORBA_OBJECT_NIL, but on the client side i'm not getting this, when i do
> object = CORBA_OBJECT_NIL;
> object = CosNaming_NamingContext_resolve (...);
> if (ev._major != CORBA_NO_EXCEPTION) {
> 	if (object == CORBA_OBJECT_NIL)
> 		g_print ("object == NIL\n");
> 	else
> 		g_print ("object != NIL\n");
> } 
> 	my program prints "object != NIL" when an exception is thrown, as i
> understand it it should be printing "object == NIL". 

Yes, because a exception means: Some sort of error occured and this
functions threw an exception. It didn't return. The return value of
CosNaming_NamingContext_resolve is not even transmitted over the wire
back to the clienr. How should the client know it? Did you ever look at
any exception system? It _never_ returns anything, when an exception is
thrown. Indeed this is the whole idea of exceptions. To have a system to
override normal returns.

That the mapping into C does not carry over that idea very good (and
cannot do it) is another point.

Sebastian Wilhelmi

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