possible bug in ORBit2


	i've been playing with ORBit2 and the name service, while calling:

	object = CosNaming_NamingContext_resolve (...);

on an unexistent name i get the NotFound exception, this is ok, but
object is not CORBA_OBJECT_NIL, as it should be, if i try to apply
CORBA_Object_release on the returned object the ORB makes an abort.

	Before aborting this message is printed: 

(process:18265): ** ERROR **: file orbit-object.c: line 73 (do_unref):
assertion failed: (robj->refs < ORBIT_REFCOUNT_MAX && robj->refs > 0)

This is:

	The _resolve operation on the server side returns CORBA_OBJECT_NIL, but
on the client side something different is received, i think that this is
a bug on the ORB.


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