Re: Orbit Performance Questions

Hi Wen Dou,

On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 18:45, dou wen wrote:
> not at all, my chinese name is dou wen or douwen, in english, it's wen dou :-),both ok. 

	:-) Grief - I'm lost - either way will Wen Dou do ? :-)

> ok ,at beginning, i intend to divided the whole projects to two parts:
> in-kernel glib and in-kernel Orbit2, so i talked about put whole glib to
> kernel. now , i changed my mind--put it into with minimum needed, as you suggested. 

	Oh - I see; yes glib is quite a large API to port perhaps.

> ya, i think gnome do not surely need the multithread orb, because most of its
> applications is not for high overload network application,just for desktop component, 
> is that right?   

	Sure - it would be nice to have a multi-threaded ORB in some ways; but
the issue is that on the desktop most programmers cannot cope with the
locking issues - in fact, few of them can cope with the concept of
re-enterancy and spend their lives complaining about this :-) [ and
asking for threading which only adds complexity ].

	Hey ho.


--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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