Re: Orbit Performance Questions

Hi , Michael ,

> Apoligies; how do you like to be addressed ? I usualy asusme first
> names - is yours 'dou' or 'wen' [ ERDI Gergo has confused me here =]

not at all, my chinese name is dou wen or douwen, in english, it's wen dou :-),both ok. 

> Sure - lots of it can go I think; we need ghash, glist, gslist, some of
> gthread, some string bits, gobject/* and not much more I think. [
> although you prolly don't need the gsignal stuff really we can do
> without signals AFAIR - they are slow & not thread safe so we keep them
> off the critical paths ].
ok ,at beginning, i intend to divided the whole projects to two parts:
in-kernel glib and in-kernel Orbit2, so i talked about put whole glib to
kernel. now , i changed my mind--put it into with minimum needed, as you suggested. 

> Yes - pretty much; 'linc/ORBit2' is (currently) purely a single thread
> of ORB [ though in theory invocations could come in from many threads ].

> We don't implement that policy currently - instead we try to do
> non-blocking IO wherever possible, and have a re-enterant incoming
> request processing strategy when we have to 'block'. So ... of course,
> we'd very much like to implement the thread / per request policies etc.
> but this will take some considerable work and testing.

ya, i think gnome do not surely need the multithread orb, because most of its
applications is not for high overload network application,just for desktop component, 
is that right?   

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