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in some situation, the "2 parts" division is right, like oracle video server(OVS)'s OMN(oracle media network) 
which is indeed based on corba 2.0 implemention, OMN is just for "control interface" which just need transfer little 
control data to build a session between Set top box and OVS,once the session built, the video pump use
UDP to "pump" video data directly  to client . 
    you can also  evaluate the  vertel 's e*ORB, which is a minimum corba for telecom application(

            happy new year!
                                                                                                                      dou wen
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   Thanks for your response and Wish u very Happy and Prosperous 
  New Year 2002.
   We need  the ORB with best performance and minimum 
 footprint for our embedded software development.Basically we 
  are developing software for Our ATM Switch.We have made a prototype
using a commercial ORB and checked its performance.WE have found Using
CORBA  in stead of socket is very costly(So performance is not 
  .But programming in COrba is quite simple.
  So we need to have both the advantage better performance(Minimum
Overhead as compared to Raw Socket) and less Application  development
  What we  are thinking of  dividing our whole  Software Development  in 2
One performance critical and other not performance critical applications.
  For performance critical application we can use raw socket programming
 very efficient Corba Implementations.
 For non critical application which are mainly Telecom Services (billing
Applications etc) we can use ORB which has more services  supported in it
to make programming easy and minimum development time.
     So i am evaluating different ORB for our different needs and build a
small prototype and compare performance.

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