Re: excessive dependency: libIDL calling gcc!

On Monday 14 May 01, Michael Meeks writes:
> Hi Chris,
> On Mon, 14 May 2001, Chris Waters wrote:
> > By default, libIDL seems to call "gcc -E" to do preprocessing of the
> > IDL files -- at least, on a system where it can.  This introduces a
> > run-time dependency on gcc for anything using libIDL, i.e. the perl
> > and python bindings for ORBit.
> 	You're right of course - I am hoping that my ORBit2 work will
> remove the need for parsing of IDL files by script bindings, and thus not
> only accelerate them, but remove this ugliness permanantly.

At the risk of offending with a "me too" response...

We had to jump through a couple of hoops because of this problem.  We
would love to get rid of this runtime dependence on gcc in the perl
and python bindings.

(Our scenario is the use of CORBA::ORBit in a cgi-bin script, where
the http server's $PATH is beyond our control, and does not contain

Thanks for your efforts.


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