Re: memory leaks in orbit

Hi Abhishek,

> What I repeat 1000 (or 4K) times is -
>    name-client --stdin list test < temp
> This is just a request to query the objects under the context "test".
> As for the command
>     name-client --stdin bind_new_context test4
>    i was creating test1/test2/test3/test4 as 4 contexts under "test". And I
> DO
> expect the sever to grow while these contexts are being created.
>    but i don't expect it to grow when these context's are being queried.
>    any guesses why its happening?

Yeah, you're right, sorry if my reply sounded a bit harsh. I obviously didn't
look close enough at your mail. Now I profiled orbit-name-server (with
memprof, really a divine tool) and found out the same as you (in your other
post), that ORBit_sequence_set_release has to be called. Now it works fine for
list. I'll commit the changes soon.

Thanks for the reoprt,
Sebastian Wilhelmi
mailto:wilhelmi ira uka de

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