Re: memory leaks in orbit

   I am sorry if my repetitive mails are causing a concern .
   I have continued with my debugging and this is what I fould -
"resolve" request for orbit-name-server does not leak memory, but the "list"
request does. And the memory seems to be leaking in "CosNaming-common.c".
   While I continue with the hunt - i remember some issues of memeory leak in
"common" code w.r.t. structs/sequences being discussed. What i observed may be
part of the same - but I am not sure(and hence a cc goes to
andrewm treshna com )
   I also remember coming accross a posting on use of "free_strings" and/or
"val->_release". Though at that time I could not understand the exact issues
being discussed - i am not sure if they are bugging me.

   From the gurus I would like to get the following clerification -

in "new-name-server.c" line 707 of 793 (more specifically "new-name-server.c"
line 661 of 793) - 'bl' is being allocated using list creation operator. who
is responsible to free it?

shouldn't the '_release' be set on this somewhere so that the array is freed 
after the value is sent to the client. 
As I see the CORBA_sequence_CosNaming_Binding__free is being invoked through
'CORBA_free(bl);' in *skel.c but in there _release is not set and hence the
value is not released.

my debugging shows that this might be the possible cause for the leak.

thanks for any pointers.


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