Re: TAO Name-Service and ORBit

Oops, sorry for the previous mail....

I guess you are using the stable version of ORBit. The ORBInitRef command
line parameter you are refering to is not implemented in the stable branch.

You need to use


on the command line. The resolve_initial_references should return a valid


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Subject: TAO Name-Service and ORBit

> Hi!
> I am running a current version of TAO (The Ace ORB:
> on a Windows NT machine.
> Unfortunately, I can't use TAOs Naming-Service in my ORBit clients
> running on linux.
> I am launching the client-app like this:
> > clientapp -ORBInitRef
> This is the same command-line parameter I am using for TAO clients,
> too, and there it works!
> Inside the client-application I am using resolve_initial_references to
> get a reference for the NamingService, but with orbit I always get 0.
> Any ideas? Do I need to set some parameters in ~/.orbitrc ?  Is there
> any known incompatibility between TAO and ORBit?
> Help would be great, I am running out of time....
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