Re: CORBA/ORBit newbie seeks name service/INS help

> > 2/ I tried the name service included in ORBit-0.5.7 (in src/services/name),
> >    but for the life of  me I can't figure out how to successfully play
> >    with them.  I seem to need a step by step tutorial with examples of
> >    how to get the name server running, and how to use the given client
> >    application to interact with the server.
> Have a look at the ORBit name-client application. It contains plenty of code
> examples on how to use the name service....
> Ronald Garcia has a smaller example with some documentation on:

Thanks for those pointers, but the real question was how do I use the tools
that were provided.  ie.  'name-client'

ie. I know this example below doesn't work, but I thought it should
    The readme says using the name-client is self-explanatory but
    unfortunately, its not self-explanatory to me.  :-(

$ orbit-name-server > /tmp/server.ior &
$ name-client --stdin bind myobj IOR:1234 < /tmp/server.ior
$ name-client --stdin list myobj < /tmp/server.ior
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