Re: select() support / anti-load-balancing?

Roland Mas (2001-02-12 18:12:46 +0100) :

>   After having a look in the connection.c file, I still think it's
> rather simple to do.  I'll have to patch giop_check_connections() so
> that it return a list of GIOPConnection* instead of just one.  It
> should then be possible to keep something like a "current" thing, and
> return the next one when giop_main_next_message_2() is next called,
> unless I have none left, in which case let's call
> giop_check_connections() again to get a new list.
>   That's not very explicit, I know.  I'll try to write some patch, it
> should be better at communicating my meaning than I am today.

Um.  I did a patch, but when I wanted to try it it looked like ORBit
0.5.7 worked much better that 0.5.6, so my patch would bring nothing.
I'm still confused, but since it works, I'll probably abandon the
whole idea.

  If you want the patch to see what I've done and improve on it,
please ask, I'll be glad to send it.

Sorry for the uneeded disturbance,
Roland Mas

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