DynAny question

Hi everyone,

I need a way to assign a value to a member of a CORBA_tk_struct, preferable
using the DynAny interface. I have a DynAny representing my struct:

DynamicAny_DynAny dyn_struct;

I want to modify the 4th element, so I do:

DynamicAny_DynAny_seek (dyn_struct, 4, ev))


element =  DynamicAny_DynAny_current_component (dyn_struct, ev);

I thought it is now possible to modify the element with (where any is the new value).

DynamicAny_DynAny_from_any (element, any, ev);

But this does only modify the value in element, and not the one contained
in dyn_struct.

Why does this not work? Any suggestions?

- Dietmar

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