Re: select, hanging, robustness

lance seacoms com wrote:
> I'm having a similar problem with clients hanging and would really
> like someone to show me how to use ORBit robustly.
> When the server does not respond to the client (busy with other clients,
> control-flow bug, whatever), how can the client protect itself from
> hanging on select waiting indefinitely for a response?
Use the DII, send the created request with CORBA_request_send() and
periodically attempt to collect the response with
CORBA_Request_get_response() function with the CORBA_RESP_NO_WAIT flag
set. This is similar to using select on a fd: if the response is ready,
the function will return it, otherwise it will throw an exception and
you will be able to do other things, like check for timeout and decide
not wait for the response again...



email: jaka activetools si

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