Re: [Fwd: Re: [geeks] ORBit under IRIX]

On December 10, Michael Meeks wrote:
> > !       char *fmt = CPP_PROGRAM " " CPP_NOSTDINC " -I- -I%s %s \"%s\" 2>/dev/null";
> 	I can't think why one might want to pass '-I-' to cpp; very odd

  Yes.  I tried to come up with a reason why, and my head started to
hurt, so I gave up and just fixed it. :)

> >   This gets ORBit to build under IRIX 6.5.  Of course after spending a
> > while tracking that down, the whole thing (getting gnome working) went
> > to hell in a handbasket while trying to build oaf.  I've given
> > up in frustration...looks like gnome isn't in my future. :-(
> 	I'm extremely sorry about that. Tell you what - if you try and
> build Gnome 2.0 instead - then I'll spend a lot of time helping you and
> folding any fixes back into the system. With gnome 1.4 it's far more
> difficult, since it's all hard frozen.

  Sounds good...I'm having to spend most of my time looking for income
these days, but I think I can devote some time to this.

> 	If the problem affects ORBit2 [ looks like it might if it's in
> libIDL ] I'd be most interested in fixing it. Gnome 2.0 is also
> substantialy ANSI C - which should make it easier to build lots of places.

  That's most encouraging.

> 	To build Gnome 2.0 you'd need to pull everything from CVS; there
> should be some links from on how to build it (I think)
> otherwise reading vicious-build-scripts might help [ but I've never used
> that ].

  Ok.  I will work on pulling the sources down tonight.  Any thoughts on
getting oaf working?  I must admit that I don't even know what it is,
or if it's a part of Gnome, or was on the list of required
libraries so I grabbed it and started building it. :-)


Dave McGuire
St. Petersburg, FL

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