Re: 'Instance' Data for Server-Side Objects

Adam Buckley <> wrote:
> I'm used to programming CORBA using Java, and I was hoping I could also get
> ORBit to automatically generate *all* the ORB nitty-gritty and just
> implement the 'pure' business logic in my servant class.  But I guess I
> still need to create the xxx-skelimpl.c class once and then tinker with it
> to fit my needs.  Does ORBit2 work in just the same way?

I haven't looked, but I'd expect so. The reason why the -skelimpl.c code
exists is because C is not truly object oriented, and the bits up the
top are needed to glue things together. The vepv structs are almost the C
equivalent of a C++ virtual table. The impl_POA_xxx_xxx structs are the
C equivalent of the C++ implementation class.
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