Re: ORBit2 and const char *


On Fri, 10 Aug 2001, Michael Meeks wrote:

>         I read it through. AFAIR Elliot once told me or there was a rumour
> that CORBA_exception_init (CORBA_Environment *ev) was not specified by the
> omg spec - indeed, I don't notice it in my glance through a rather old
> version. This method is somewhat important for any binding IMHO.

	Yes, this isn't specified by the mapping. And I recall looking
at the omg website not too long ago and quite a number of people using
different ORBs had also reported this inadequecy.

>         How would one go formaly doing such things, or is the above
> sufficient ?

	I would also echo this question, as I'd like to propose the
rewording/clarification of the release flags stuff for anys and


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