Re: Thanks & request for info on solaris CORBA::ORBit problem

Hi Chris,

> This only happens if the client and server are on different machines. If
> they are on the same machine, I can send enormous lists across. But it
> seems that if IIOP is used, something is marshalled wrongly which
> completely messes up the client (a perl client will go out of memory or
> segfault; java/jacorb produces a hexdump), as if a length field is
> getting corrupted.

This could be problem with the nonblocking write used in ORBit. We already had
a bug there, which should be fixed. There might lurk another one though.
Please try the following:

In src/IIOP/connection.c simply delete all '| O_NONBLOCK'. Then compile it and
check, whether the problems still occur.

Alternatively you could add a printf after line 228 in the file
giop-msg-buffer.c, which should read 't = writev(fd, curvec, nvecs);' and see
wteather the problems coincide with that printf.

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