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Hey all,

Here's my current Tomboy note for my server talk; it's pending reorganization into slide form.  My goal is a Pecha Kucha style presentation to give people a lot of time to ask questions and make the whole thing more interactive.  Any thoughts on other topics of interest, things to add, etc. are appreciated.

Online Desktop server

o why/goals
o Data is moving online
  o Access from multiple places/devices
o Server-based web apps fundamentally different from client
  o Comment on photo
o history
  o Created from and merged in with Mugshot server
o core technologies
o xmpp for data interaction
o mysql for relational storage
o JBoss/OpenJDK as app base
o JSP for a few web pages
o services (driven by client prototyping)
o GConf in the cloud
o Merge network (Pidgin,Mugshot)
o Mugshot friend network
o Music playback notification
o Application popularity
o Verified email (used for password reset)
o Proposed services
o SSO account model for other services
o Browser passwords/cookies
o GGZ integration
o Targeted app data backup (Tomboy)
o Pidgin conversation logs
o Generic NAT punching (VNC, etc.)
o Governance model
o Currently run by Red Hat
   o shared code, shared instance, shared brand
     o Avoids duplicate work
o Four other possible futures
  o Two plausible
   o shared code, shared instance, vendor brand
     o Vendor brand less confusing from "normal" user perspective
     o Duplicate branding work, but limited
   o shared code, per-vendor instances, vendor brand
     o Mirrors distribution model wrt funding and governance
  o Two implausible
   o shared protocols
     o Has been very painful for the free desktops
   o peer to peer
     o Largely a research problem as far as I know
     o Some things possible such as shared storage, but still
o Dumb vs Smart
o WebDAV (Mozilla Weave)
o Web-based UI while visiting friends/family or mobile?
   o My opinion: We want Free Software everywhere, so it's not
      a problem to require FOSS on mobile - and when traveling,
      carry a laptop or a LiveUSB drive

o Getting started with the code:

o Code Tour

o Questions

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