Sprint planning October 22-26

We had our Westford, AM-local sprint planning meeting this afternoon;
right now we are planning a short one-week sprint, though looking at the
list we came up with, it may end up as a two-weeker after all.

The details can be found at http://live.gnome.org/OnlineDesktop/Sprints

Cutting and pasting for reference:

Sprint: Mon Oct 22 - Fri Oct 26 
      * Bryan: Designs for file stock improvements (file actions
        perhaps) and for a new email stock 
      * People stock 
              * Owen: Test framework for ddm improvements 
              * Owen: ddm improvement: traverse local and non-local
                resources on query 
              * Owen: ddm improvement: rule based properties
              * Owen: review UI, figure out what can be started on
                without ddm improvements 
              * Marina: Start on UI portions 
      * Marina: Figure out why cached data isn't being used when logging
        in disconnected 
      * Colin: initial prototype at google-gadgets in the bigboard 
      * Colin: Get deskbar-applet patch into Fedora, test rawhide for
        basic sanity prior to final F8 freeze 
      * Havoc: redo search to be search-bigboard instead of
        deskbar-based search-the-world 
      * Marina: design/prototype Mugshot facebook app 
      * Owen: Blog about jhbuild 
      * Havoc: look for possible stray 'click to install' links when not
        logged in 
      * Havoc/Marina: Characterize and fix problems with the bigboard
        applet's image when not logged in

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