Re: Jhbuild and Debian Lenny

On Tue, 2007-11-20 at 07:34 +0000, John Carr wrote:
> Hi guys
> Trying to get the online desktop stuff running on debian so I can have
> a play, especially with web login driver and the python data model
> stuff.
> Jhbuild has been an absolute nightmare, and I've gotten quite far only
> to be beaten down at the end. 

Yeah, it is complex; one thing that would help is if you record any
manual steps you took in the wiki.  For Fedora I had to add a bunch of
random libraries:

There's a Debian page here:

> Right now I can't get mugshot or gnome-vfs to compile. 
> Gnome-vfs wouldn't compile at first because of warnings about inline
> functions that were treated at errors. I tweaked the module set to
> --disable-more-warnings... 

Probably a gnome-vfs bug then; you may want to report it.

> Only now Jhbuild is trying to install a compiled library to /usr/lib
> instead of /home/john/Projects/blah... 

When you do this I would be careful to ensure you're still passing the
right --prefix etc. options; I'd use the jhbuild autogenargs bits in

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