Re: VPN Killswitch and keep-connection-alive toggles or scripts

On Thu, 2022-03-24 at 23:01 +0000, rherr via networkmanager-list wrote:
I have Alpine Linux with the OpenVPN plugin. This works very well
importing and automatically installing my .ovpn file. I like the
settings menus and this makes the setup very easy. I haven't found a
VPN killswitch or always on (persistent) connection feature anywhere.
I  also have nftables on my system. I read that nftables is the new
standard for Linux. I have done a killswitch and always on feature
using mods to a file (using "nano") and with "ufw" (firewall) on an
Ubuntu system before nftables became the standard.

I am comfortable with working in the terminal and making mods to
files. I don't know anything about nftables. Is there a way to get
the features onto my system? Thanks for any advice.

is your question how tou migrate your ufw setup to nftables?

I think nfw is just on top of iptables, so in the best case it would
abstract the underlying firewall system (iptables/nftables) for you. If
ufw doesn't, you may need to rewrite your firewall rules.

nftables also provides an iptable compatibility tool. That is, my
/usr/sbin/iptable symlinks to an nftables binary. So maybe nfw doesn't
need to change?

Finally, there is also firewalld, which abstracts between iptables and
nftables... firewalld is an alternative to ufw.

anyway. I don't know. This is probably not the best place to ask for
advice on nfw/nftables :)


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