Re: NM 1.20.4 and wpa_supplicant v2.9

On Thu, 2021-05-20 at 14:07 +0200, Juan A. Rubio via networkmanager-
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I'm using NetworkManager version 1.20.4 on a device with a
Buildroot-based custom Linux distribution. The version of
wpa_supplicant is 2.9 and I've noticed that this version of
has lost the -u flag

E.g. from wpa_supplicant v2.6's help message

" -u = enable DBus control interface "

In previous versions, I would start supplicant with the -u option and
that would be all that was needed in order to get NM to manage it
using D-BUS.

So I'm wondering what is the right way of starting wpa_supplicant
to allow control by NM? Isn't NM expected to start it via D-BUS
activation if the supplicant isn't already running?

Thanks in advance for your help


yes, NetworkManager will D-Bus activate wpa_supplicant.
It also only interacts with wpa_supplicant using the D-Bus interface.

You consequently need to ensure that supplicant is properly configured
and can use D-Bus.


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