Re: Understanding IPv6-PD over PPPoE

On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 12:03 PM Steve Hill <steve opendium com> wrote:

On 16/06/2021 09:43, Andrei Borzenkov wrote:

It is explicitly prohibited to assign any IA_PD prefix to the same
interface via which this was obtained.

                                               the requesting router MUST
    NOT assign any delegated prefixes or subnets from the delegated
    prefix(es) to the link through which it received the DHCP message
    from the delegating router.

[...Which is from RFC 3633]

That's a pain.  It basically makes it impossible for a single-NIC
machine to connect to an ISP that is only responding to IA_PD.  (Well,
you can obviously set up a dummy NIC, which can be assigned a prefix,
but that's a kludge).

I can see why you wouldn't want a whole /64 to be assigned to an
ethernet interface that received the DHCPv6 Advertise, but it does feel
reasonable to be able to *optionally* assign a /128 to the
point-to-point link that received the DHCPv6 Advertise, if there is no
other way to assign a global address to it.

The default and standard method to assign IPv6 address is SLAAC.
DHCPv6 is optional. You need to investigate why SLAAC address was not

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