Re: how to disable WiFi / wpa-supplicant so hostapd can be used ?

Thank You so much, Thomas, for the most useful info !

RE: > Patch welcome to properly handle the release of a device
      > by setting it unmanaged.

I will investigate this and see what I can do to improve
management of wpa_supplicant (W_S) & wireless interfaces.

I'd also like to develop a patch to make NM fully hostapd aware ,
so that the code realizes that use of W_S and hostapd are
mutually exclusive for an interface , and which add settings
for fully setting up & managing hostapd as well as W_S .
And to allow switching between hostpd & W_S modes.

hostapd probably needs its own module to manage things
like providing dhcp service to connecting usits - I've been
using static IP because I only have a few connecting
devices - happily Android phones do allow connections to
WEP APs with a static IP . But full Address Pool & DHCP
server mgmt is needed for arbitrarily large numbers of
 connecting  units.  And the NM GUIs / applets would need
changes to support the new hostapd settings .

On 21/07/2021, Thomas Haller <thaller redhat com> wrote:
On Tue, 2021-07-20 at 22:04 +0100, Jason Vas Dias via networkmanager-
list wrote:
If I do :
  # nmcli radio wifi off
, it disassociates the PHY for the device and I have to
  'rfkill $id unblock' .
  If I reenable wireless, and  do
  # systemctl stop wpa_supplicant
  # mv /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant.bin
 after starting NM, then I can run hostapd .
I have to remember to move wpa_supplicant back after I stop
using hostapd .
Please add support for enabling either hostapd or wpa_supplicant,
not both, to NM = or is there some way of disabling running the
wpa_supplicant service only, without rfkill ?


configure the device as unmanaged.

Temporarily, with `nmcli device set wlan0 managed no`

Permanently, there are several means (udev rules, config files). the
best seems to be a file




see `man NetworkManager.conf`.

If you do it that way, you can still override it at runtime with `nmcli
device set wlan0 managed yes`.

I think `nmcli device set wlan0 managed yes` may not sufficiently
instruct wpa_supplicant to let go of the device. That means, you still
might need `systemctl stop wpa_supplicant.service`. Patch welcome to
properly handle the release of a device by setting it unmanaged.


On 20/07/2021, Jason Vas Dias <jason vas dias gmail com> wrote:

Good day -

 Whenever I try to run hostapd, NM still runs wpa-supplicant,
 which periodically tries to put the WiFi interface into scanning
 mode, which messes up the hostapd session .

 Please is there a config file setting or applet interaction
 to disable wpa-supplicant (and maybe configure & run hostapd) ?

 I'd like NM to start dhclient on my Wired interface, and
 be able to bring up my L2TP VPN, but leave the Wireless
 interface entirely alone.

 Any way to do this in NetworkManager.conf or GUI ?

Thanks in advance for any replies,
Best Regards,

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