VPN (IPsec/L2TP) to windows server

Hi all,

first post to this mailing list, after being subscribed.

I've got trouble with a VPN connection from several LINUX systems tested (and also Android) to a IPsec/L2TP 
VPN on a MSWIN server. FYI Windows to Windows connection works fine, at once, with MSWIN default settings, 
tested on a VM running in my Linux (OpenSuse) box. 

Detailed description here: 
No solution.

Asked also here: https://lists.openswan.org/pipermail/users/2021-January/023799.html
No answer.

So trying here if I maybe could get a hint for narrowing down further: As written to the openswan mailing 
list, it might be possible that setting "leftprotoport=udp/%any" to the IPsec settings would solve the 
problem (Found here: https://lists.openswan.org/pipermail/users/2013-July/022547.html)

But I have no clue how/where to enter this param, adding to /etc/ipsec.conf does not help.

Could you give me some hints how NetworkManager works internally, when setting up an IPsec connection? I've 
got the impression that NetworkManager creates some "temporary" connections, where are they stored? And how 
can I debug them?

Thanks in advance,

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