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On Mon, 2021-02-22 at 10:54 +0100, Guillaume Betous wrote:
Hi list !

We are producing iMX6 based products. We flash the exact same image to
all of them. The image contains Wi-Fi setting for a first connexion.
Sometimes (say one 
of ten), the device is not connecting.

On those devices, we see that the wlan0 is "unavailable".

$ nmcli dev
wlan0            wifi      unavailable  --
lo               loopback  unmanaged    --

$ nmcli device show wlan0
GENERAL.PÉRIPHÉRIQUE:                   wlan0
GENERAL.TYPE:                           wifi
GENERAL.ADR.-MAT.:                      9A:DD:10:B2:43:FD
GENERAL.MTU:                            1500
GENERAL.ÉTAT:                           20 (indisponible)
GENERAL.CONNEXION:                      --
GENERAL.CON-PATH:                       --

Restarting NetworkManager is enough for recovering a functional Wi-Fi,
meaning that everything around seems ok (wlan kernel module correctly
configuration files are ok...)

1°) Any idea on what could happen here ?
2°) Is restarting NetworkManager the only way to modify the interface
status ? I am planning to write a small script at boot-up which would
detect this 
situation and then run the appropriate command

Thank you very much,


when a Wi-Fi device is unavailable, it's usually because wpa_supplicant
is not running (or NM wronlgy thinks it isn't).

The way to answer such questions is by looking at the debug logs.
Enable level=TRACE logging. See [1] for hints about logging.

No, restarting NetworkManager is not at all the way to change an
interface status. There are few reasons why NetworkManager should be
restarted, and if you do that, there is probably something wrong.



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