ANN: NetworkManager 1.30.0 released

Hi everybody,

On behalf of the NetworkManager community, I am happy to announce a new
release of NetworkManager: 1.30.0.

Find the tarball at our usual location:

  md5:    dce168235c2b86ebc598d0e13e078ee3
  sha1:   550918f97f1614532a317465220d6b5cab08d47a
  sha256: 39f01232628bc2ecbca1a931b8f45fdd8f0b7150be65332901c97ecdee98c3f9

To see what's new check the NEWS file:

And Beniamino wrote about some highlights here:

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release with patches and

Adarsh J, Aleksander Morgado, Alfonso Sánchez-Beato, Andrew Zaborowski,
Antonio Cardace, Beniamino Galvani, Benjamin Berg, David Rheinsberg,
Fernando Fernandez Mancera, Fernando Fernández Mancera, Frederic
Martinsons, Jonas Jelten, Jonathan Lebon, Juliano de Souza Camargo,
Leo, Matt Bernstein, Michael Biebl, Mikhail Novosyolov, Peter Hutterer,
Rasmus Thomsen, Roy Marples, Thomas Haller, Tom Stellard, Yuri
Chornoivan, orbea, scootergrisen.

And special thanks to Vladimír Beneš, Filip Pokryvka, and Vitezslav
Humpa for testing NetworkManager.


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