Question about DNS managemer lifecycle

Hello NM hackers,

I'm tracking a nasty bug in dnsmasq (possibly introduced by us because of patches) and it is triggered during shutdown (while systemd stop all services). 

Tracking this, I activated traces of NetworkManager and it seems that dnsmasq (the dns manager I used) is not stopped by NetworkManager. I patched NM to print refcount of all objects and I see that NMDnsManager has refcount at 2 after calling nm_dns_manager_stop in main.c.

I would like to have information about DNS manger lifecycle since I see a comment in NM merge requests which seem telling that it may be done on purpose (to not stop dnsmasq) , I'm talking about the following comment:

By the way, I use NetworkManager 1.26.4 and dnsmasq 2.82.

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

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