Re: What happens after a timeout during connection ?

On Fri, 2020-10-23 at 10:28 +0200, Guillaume Betous wrote:
Thanks, I'll try to take more longs next time we reproduce it.

If the password is wrong, then autoactivation gets blocked
indefinitely (or
until a new secret agent connects who could provide the password).

In my case, password is OK for sure (because I don't modify the
config file, and I can manually connect). It seems to be some timeout
Do you think it can be the same kind of blacklist behavior ?


hard to say. NM does not do such blacklisting. NM will try to
autoactivate a profile repeatedly (and ratelimit autoconnect for a few
minutes after "connection.autoconnect-retries" failures).

autoconnect can be blocked also by:

- with `nmcli device disconnect` the device gets blocked from
autoconnect (until the user(*) manually activates it again).

- with `nmcli connection down` blocks autoconnect of the profile
indefinitely, until the user(*) unblocks it.

- having wrong secrets, what I talked about before. Saying "password is
OK for sure" doesn't matter. I said, NetworkManager and/or
wpa_supplicant might wrongly think the psk is wrong.

- before [1], a profile that never successfully autoconnected, might
also not be able to autoconnect. See commit message of [1].

But without useful logs that is rather hard to say.


(*) the "user" is of course merely a program that uses NetworkManager's
D-Bus API. It does not necessarily mean a human.


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