Re: New "tc qdisc" options


On Sun, 2020-10-04 at 11:47 -0500, davecb spamcop net wrote:
I need to set tc under network manager to enable CAKE in Fedora/Red
8/Centos 8/Ubuntu for a community of users badly affected by
On my test machine, I can the appropriate options with tc, but it is
immediately reset by Network Manager. 

How did you set the tc options?

I see code in

which implements setting tc qdisc, and a brief mention in

However the man pages do not mention tc.

Can you provide a hint on setting, for example, /tc qdisc replace dev
enp0s25 root cake bandwidth 20mbit/ in network manager?

"cake" is currently not supported. Until that is added, the intended
solution is to use a dispatcher script. See `man NetworkManager`.


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