Re: VPN Plugin Desktop Notifications

That's not quite what I mean.  My plugin has full integration with nm-applet or gnome control centre already.  What I'm after are hints and tips on how to show connection error information through something like libnotify but I want to check the best practise and advice for doing so.



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On 11/24/20 8:00 PM, Graham White via networkmanager-list wrote:
> From the point of view of a VPN plugin, what's the best way to
> communicate status/log information with the user on their desktop?
> My scenario is for the NetworkManager-anyconnect VPN plugin, should the
> connection fail for some reason, it would be nice to give the user a bit
> more information as to why the connection attempt didn't work.  I'm
> thinking that integrating with the desktop notification system is
> possibly the right way to go here but wanted to check if there's a best
> practise or any advice you can give?

On desktops that still support the appindicator or systray standards you
should be able to use nm-applet, (If your distro builds it with the
right support). I use it with Enlightenment and it shows a lock icon
when I have openvpn enabled.

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