Re: VPN Plugin Desktop Notifications

On 11/24/20 8:00 PM, Graham White via networkmanager-list wrote:
From the point of view of a VPN plugin, what's the best way to
communicate status/log information with the user on their desktop?

My scenario is for the NetworkManager-anyconnect VPN plugin, should the
connection fail for some reason, it would be nice to give the user a bit
more information as to why the connection attempt didn't work.  I'm
thinking that integrating with the desktop notification system is
possibly the right way to go here but wanted to check if there's a best
practise or any advice you can give?

On desktops that still support the appindicator or systray standards you
should be able to use nm-applet, (If your distro builds it with the
right support). I use it with Enlightenment and it shows a lock icon
when I have openvpn enabled.

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