Re: Set permanent route to IPv6 subnet on interface

26.03.2020 11:15, Jeremy Ardley пишет:
What is the best NetworkManager method to add a permanent route to an
ipv6 subnet on an interface?

I can add a temporary route outside of NetworkManager thus:

ip -6 route add 2001:db8:c111:b000::/56 dev eth0

Where should this be done in NetworkManager and what is the correct

Answering my own question, the correct syntax is

nmcli c modify 'Wired connection 2' ipv6.routes ' 2001:db8:c111:b000::/56 '

This results in a line in the nmconnection file ipv6 section of


While this does not explicitly attach the subnet to interface eth0, this
is done by activating the profile on device eth0

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