Re: NetworkManager, dns= and resolv.conf override

On 3/16/20 1:30 PM, Thomas Haller wrote:

I am not sure from the description. To be sure level=TRACE logging and
check the logfile.

But I think the reason is that NetworkManager doesn't want to write an
empty /etc/resolv.conf file. If Networkmanager has no nameservers, it
doesn't seem very useful to enforce that /etc/resolv.conf is empty.

Granted but what I saw after the xCAT postscript run is an "empty" /etc/resolv.conf including however the first comment line "# Generated by NetworkManager". Thus my idea that it is indeed NM which wrote it.

And I don't think the initial resolv.conf (coming from dhcp/pxe) isn't correct...

I'll try to adapt the netboot image to include TRACE level. I'll keep you informed.

Either, /etc/resolv.conf is already empty, then there is no effect.

Or, /etc/resolv.conf happens to contain correct name servers, then
clearing the file only breaks something that otherwise would work.

That makes sense (and could fully explain what I'm experiencing afterwards which is event without none, nothing gets overriden)...


Thomas Hummel

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