Re: autoproxy configuration in 1.6

Hi Bill,

Sorry for the late turnaround and thank you for raising this.

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Dear Brian,
I know that I'm 3 years late, but I'm facing your same error. I configured
pacrunner and libproxy, but when I execute:
# gdbus call --system --dest org.pacrunner --object-path
/org/pacrunner/manager --method
org.pacrunner.Manager.CreateProxyConfiguration "{'Method': <'auto'>, 'URL':
(objectpath '/org/pacrunner/configuration3',)

This means that two configurations are already present in PACrunner maybe pushed by NM. Just to point out that even in case of registering a corrupt configuration or on an unsuccessful attempt a valid object path is returned from this API. 

If I try:
$ proxy

Now this can be due to multiple reasons. If we are sure that this command did call PACrunner then also there can be multiple reasons e.g no valid configurations, this domain didn't match any rule. DIRECT is like a fall-back response from PACrunner.
To ensure that PACrunner is responding correctly, maybe invoke on DBus and see:

gdbus call --system --dest org.pacrunner --object-path /org/pacrunner/client --method org.pacrunner.Client.FindProxyForURL "" ""

For the other case it would be helpful to have more details of the environment, versions of libproxy, PACrunner.

In var/log/messages there is an error:
pacrunner[2118]: Failed to set auto proxy

This gives a good hint that there was an issue while registering the new configuration from the details you shared (method is auto).

So pacrunner can't set auto proxy correctly, where I could see other logs?
Which could be the problem?

Maybe try `pacrunner -nd` (will run it in foreground with debugging enabled) and invoke the configuration creation call. I think the above error message's root cause can be identified once we have the debug logs.

Kind Regards,

Thank you.

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