Re: questions about changing NIC name

On 6/24/20 12:24 PM, Beniamino Galvani wrote:
On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 11:07:52PM -0400, Dusty Mabe wrote:

While researching a bug reported against RHEL CoreOS I've decided to look a bit deeper into
how a user would go about changing the name of a NIC on a machine to something custom. In
this investigation I have some questions:

-  It seems as if nm-initrd-generator doesn't have support for the ifname= karg. Is that

Yes, it's intentional; interface renaming is done by the 40-network

Ahh, I mistakenly thought it was part of the 35network-legacy dracut module. Thanks

- If I specify the nic name and MAC as part of the ip= line the mac specified gets set to
  'cloned-mac-address' rather than 'mac-address'. Is that right?
    - i.e, ip=

It's right. The 9th field of an ip= option is the new MAC address to
assign to the interface, and so cloned-mac-address is the right
property to set. The old network module also uses that field to
specify the new MAC.

OK thanks for confirming. The documentation around this is sparse and I couldn't quite
tell which was the right one. I thought maybe we were setting the wrong one and that's
why NIC renaming wasn't working for me, but it was because of the no udev helper that I
mention and you confirm below.

- Is there a udev helper that parses NM keyfiles and sets up udev rules like /lib/udev/rename_device
  does for reading legacy network scripts in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ ?

I am not aware of such helper for NM keyfiles.

Thanks for confirming. After talking with you and the team today I opened a BZ as we
think it's a current gap in behavior between the old legacy network scripts approach
and the NM keyfiles only approach. The BZ is:


In our discussions we also discussed two other things that may want to do. I opened issues
upstream to talk about them:


Thanks again!

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