questions about changing NIC name


While researching a bug reported against RHEL CoreOS I've decided to look a bit deeper into
how a user would go about changing the name of a NIC on a machine to something custom. In
this investigation I have some questions:

-  It seems as if nm-initrd-generator doesn't have support for the ifname= karg. Is that

- If I specify the nic name and MAC as part of the ip= line the mac specified gets set to
  'cloned-mac-address' rather than 'mac-address'. Is that right?
    - i.e, ip=

- Is there a udev helper that parses NM keyfiles and sets up udev rules like /lib/udev/rename_device
  does for reading legacy network scripts in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ ?

Thanks for the help.


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