shared ipv6 does not renew addresses on lan


I have a Fedora 32 x86_64 server (NetworkManager 1.22.14) sharing my ISP connection between 2 bonds. Each bond is made up of 2 ethernet devices configured for LAG. I have IPv6 shared mode enabled on the LAN bond.

On the initial 'up' event the LAN side gets a DHCPv6-PD successfully and all LAN devices get a SLAAC IP. All devices can communicate. However, after a few hours the IPv6 addresses expire and NM does not issue new ones so all devices on the LAN side drop their IPv6 IPs and routes. The WAN side still has an IPv6 IP and can reach the Internet. One workaround is to cycle the LAN bond connection and everything goes back to normal. What am I doing wrong or is this a bug?

I previously had this server using 'network-scripts' ifup/ifdown scripts without NetworkManager with dhclient handling DHCPv6-PD and 'radvd' issuing SLAAC traffic. It was stable and worked well.


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