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Hi All,
Hope everyone is safe and healthy…!
I have a requirement to do some configurations with respect to
ethernet devices whenever they become ‘up’ (for example: $ ifconfig
eth0 up). Could you please provide me the function in Network Manager
source which is invoked when the device is made ‘up’. So that I can
include my configurations in it. Since it is a big project I couldn’t
get easily by going through the code. Your support is highly
Thanks & Regards,
Parthiban V


`ifconfig eth0 up` is basically `ip link set eth0 up` (ifconfig is long

NetworkManager always sets the interface up in this manner. There is no
API to do that (or prevent that from happening, short of configuring
the interface as unmanaged in NetworkManager).

In NetworkManager, you "connect" a device by "activating" a connection
profile. For example, `nmlcli connection up "$PROFILE_NAME"`.

Now, it see seems that you want to do something when NetworkManager
connects a device. You have two possibilities.

 - write a dispatcher script in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d. See
`man NetworkManager`

 - have an application that listens to the changes on D-Bus and react
when something interesting happens. Basically, something like `nmcli
device monitor`, which just pings what happens.


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