Modem stays connected when NM sets connection down



I’ve got some problems with my gsm-connection, managed with NetworkManager and ModemManager.

When my connection comes up after boot, the connection works and i can ping my targets via gsm.

Now, when i disable the connection and reactivated it, NetworkManager says, it is connected, but i’m not

able to ping any of my targets, as before.


So when i disable my connection with ‚nmcli con down test‘ the Connection 'test' successfully deactivated

When i see mmcli –m 0, the state of the modem is still connected, not registered as expected.

Debug log also says ‚networkmanager modem-broadband[cdc-wdm0]: failed to connect modem: Failure‘

I think that causes the problem, that when i try to reconnect my gsm-connection it says it is

activated successfully, but i’m not able the get any communication on that interface (ping a target is not able).


When i reboot the device and my connection is up, it works without problems.


I’ve got these versions:

NetworkManager 1.22.10

ModemManager 1.12.8

libmbim 1.22.0


Kind regards,


Tobias Becker



Tobias Becker


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