Connection policies control

Hi guys!!

I'll want to setup a connect security policy like whitelist rules or similar, some like:
- Users can connect only to any AP with security WPA2
- User can connect only to any AP in this list [{ssid:wnet01, mac:E8:AD:A6:BC:EF:F2}, {ssid:wnet02, mac:B0:BE:76:73:20:8E}, ...]

First, I looking for any configuration option available on nm, but I don't found any. Then, I write little script to test it running on /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/pre-up.d/ that runs when AP connection is stablished. But, I can see that the script is executed after connection is fully stablished and a valid ip obtained. It's not desired, I want to test if AP are OK with our policies before stablish fully connection, at least before a fully stablished connection with IP obtained and other pre-shared data. We want to test the policies are ok running script on preparing connection state or pre-authentication state or similar earlier stage.

I monitorized nm connection process, and I can see nm manages next stages:

wlo1: connecting (prepare)
wlo1: using connection 'wnet02'
wlo1: NetworkManager: is now in the 'connecting' state
wlo1: connecting (need authentication)
wlo1: connecting (prepare)
wlo1: connecting (configuring)
wlo1: connecting (getting IP configuration)
wlo1: connecting (checking IP connectivity)
wlo1: connecting (starting secondary connections)
wlo1: conected

How can we run script on first four stages?
Exist any other way, aproach or recommendation to apply this security policies?

Thank you guys!!a

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