Re: Network connection local to devices.


On Wed, 2019-01-30 at 13:51 +0100, Alexandre Garreau via
networkmanager-list wrote:
In what cases here for example?

You mean, cases where this behavior is preferred? Good question. Dunno.

And are there ways (like a configuration option) to make so that nm-
applet stop creating profiles tied to to a device by default? for me?

No, there are no such options in nm-applet.

You could create the profile via other means (nm-connection-editor,
`nmcli connection add`), but that is not as convenient, as nm-applet
fills in all the required fields automatically, based on the content of
the Wi-Fi network. As such it's like `nmcli device wifi connect ...`.
Or, just modify the profile after it was created.

And what about that unexisting -g options? is there a way to get that
list of profiles without using it?

"-g $FIELDS" is a shortcut for "--mode tabular --terse --fields
$FIELDS". On older versions of nmcli you can use that.


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