Re: automatic APN selection

Hey, just so you know this basically exists. You just need to create a connection profiles with the correct "sim-id" "apn" pairs. Some users, myself included, wouldn't want this to be automatic because we use private APNs, but you could easily put together an optional package of connection files that accomplishes this.

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On 2/12/19 7:33 AM, Aleksander Morgado wrote:

I posted yesterday question to ModemManger mailing list about
implementing automatic APN selection (based on mobile broadband
database) and it was pointed [0] out that this feature should be
added to NM. My case is that embedded device using GSM modem should
connect to internet automatically (without user intervention only by
plugging SIM card). Isomebody working on such solution already? It is
right approach? Thanks for replies.

0 -

sounds reasonable to me.

Maybe the first step would be to move the code from libnma (network-
manager-applet) to libnm (NetworkManager) to handle the mobile-
provider-database. Or maybe better, make it an independent libnm- library to keep core libnm smaller.

As it is, NetworkManager certainly cannot link against libnma.


Also, I'd like to emphasize that IMHO this should not be the default
in NM. Automatically selecting what APN to use should be explicitly
enabled by the user somehow. Companies doing custom setups with MM+NM
can enable this feature, even providing a "controlled" subset of the
mobile-broadband-providers-info database, and that specific use case
makes total sense.

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