Re: IPv6 Prefix Delegation through Network Manager


in the log

<debug> [1538019154.6638] policy: ipv6-pd: enp5s0 needs a subnet
<info>  [1538019154.6638] policy: ipv6-pd: no device to obtain a subnet to share on enp5s0 from
<info>  [1538019154.6719] policy: ipv6-pd: none of 0 prefixes of enp2s0 can be shared on enp5s0
<info>  [1538019154.6719] device (enp2s0): ipv6-pd: device doesn't use DHCPv6, can't request prefixes
<debug> [1538019158.9088] ndisc[0x561734e850e0,"enp2s0"]: neighbor discovery configuration changed [dGR]:
<debug> [1538019158.9088] ndisc[0x561734e850e0,"enp2s0"]:   dhcp-level managed
<info>  [1538019158.9359] dhcp6 (enp2s0): dhclient started with pid 6501

It seems there is a bug. At the moment when enp5s0 required a prefix, it wasn't
available. And later on, when enp2s0 did DHCPv6, it wrongly wasn't retried to share
a prefix.

What to do about that, and how to fix is, that is a good question...


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